Vol 1, No 3 (2006)

Table of Contents


Inspiration, anyone? PDF
Lindsay Glynn 1-2


Effective Methods for Teaching Information Literacy Skills to Undergraduate Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Abstract PDF
Denise Koufogiannakis, Natasha Wiebe 3-43
A Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing the Effect of E-learning, with a Taught Workshop, on the Knowledge and Search Skills of Health Professionals Abstract PDF
Nicola Pearce-Smith 44-56

Evidence Summaries

Open Access Articles Have a Greater Research Impact Than Articles Not Freely Available Abstract PDF
Suzanne Pamela Lewis 57-59
Searching for Adverse Effects in MEDLINE and EMBASE Requires a Combined Approach for Efficient Retrieval Abstract PDF
Marcy L. Brown 60-62
Despite Barriers, Education Providers, Health Professionals, and Students Perceive E-Learning to Be an Effective Method of Education Abstract PDF
Lorie Andrea Kloda 63-66
Study of Search Engine Transaction Logs Shows Little Change in How Users use Search Engines Abstract PDF
David Hook 67-69
Communication Breakdown: Librarian and Student Approaches to Virtual Reference Differ Abstract PDF
Stephanie Jane Hall 70-72
The Quality of Academic Library Building Improvements Has a Positive Impact on Library Usage Abstract PDF
Julie McKenna 73-76
Library Catalogue Users Are Influenced by Trends in Web Searching Abstract PDF
Susan Haigh 77-79
Information Needs of Cancer Patients are Influenced by Time Since Diagnosis, Stage of Cancer, Patients’ Age, and Preferred Role in Treatment-related Decisions Abstract PDF
John Loy 80-83
Differences Between Library Instruction Conference Attendees and Their Institutional Affiliations in the United States and Canada are Discernible Abstract PDF
Carol L. Perryman 84-87


Evidence Based Library and Information Practice: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway? PDF
Gillian Clare Hallam, Helen Partridge 88-94
EBL is HOT, help it sizzle! PDF
Su Cleyle 95-97


Libraries Using Evidence - eblip.net.au Abstract PDF
Lisa Cotter, Suzanne Lewis 98-100
Call for Submissions: 4th International Conference on Evidence Based Library and Information Practice PDF
Study Day: Evidence Based Librarianship and Information Practice in UK Health Libraries PDF
Study Day: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Journals (but were afraid to ask) PDF
Ingenta Research Award PDF

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