Vol 6, No 4 (2011)

Table of Contents


Renewal and Change Abstract PDF
Denise Koufogiannakis 1-2
Editorial Responsibilities Abstract PDF
Acknowledgement of Editorial Advisors Abstract PDF


Openness: The Essential Quality of Knowledge Abstract PDF
Martin Hall 8-11
Project Output versus Influence in Practice: Impact as a Dimension of Research Quality Abstract PDF
Hazel Hall 12-14
From Solving Puzzles to Designing Solutions: Integrating Design Thinking into Evidence Based Practice Abstract PDF
Zaana Howard, Kate Davis 15-21
Is There a Future for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice? Abstract PDF
Andrew Booth 22-27
An International Association of EBLIP, Redux Abstract PDF
Virginia Wilson 28-29
The 6th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP6): Conference Report and Reflections Abstract PDF
Alison Brettle, Maria Grant, Katie Fraser, Katrina Dalziel, Paolo Gardois, Suzanne Lewis, Hilde Kaalvik, Jonathan Eldredge 30-40


Barriers and Facilitators to Research Use Among Allied Health Practitioners: A Mixed-Method Approach to Assessment Abstract PDF
Mary Dunne 41-56
Employers’ Perspectives on Future Roles and Skills Requirements for Australian Health Librarians Abstract PDF
Suzanne Lewis, Gillian Hallam, Ann Ritchie, Catherine Clark, Cheryl Hamill, Melanie Foti, Patrick O'Connor 57-71
Recording Database Searches for Systematic Reviews - What is the Value of Adding a Narrative to Peer-Review Checklists? A Case Study of NICE Interventional Procedures Guidance Abstract PDF
Jenny Craven, Paul Levay 72-87
Library Instruction for Freshman English: A Multi-Year Assessment of Student Learning Abstract PDF
Susan Gardner Archambault 88-106
Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC): Applicable Methods for University Libraries? Abstract PDF
Kate-Riin Kont, Signe Jantson 107-119

Evidence Summaries

Librarians View Instruction as Integral to Their Professional Identities Abstract PDF
Ann Medaille 120-123
Inter-Library Loans and Document Supply Services in Italy Appear to Supplement Journal Subscriptions Rather Than Replace Them Abstract PDF
Kathryn Oxborrow 124-126
Adaptation of Impact Questions from an Existing Toolkit Provided Clear Assessment of Valued Service Elements and Desirable Service Improvements in a Primary Health Care Library and Information Service Abstract PDF
Kate Kelly 127-129
Academic Libraries Should Consider a Strategic Approach to Promotion and Marketing of e-Books Abstract PDF
Nazi Torabi 130-133
The Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal, and Universal Decimal Classification Systems are Incomplete and Unsystematic Abstract PDF
Cari Merkley 134-136
Collaborative Learning is an Effective Method for Improving the E-health Literacy of Older Adults in the Community Abstract PDF
Theresa S. Arndt 137-139
Master’s Students in an Information Studies Program Enter the Program with Excitement and Leave with Concerns about Professional Preparation for their Chosen Fields Abstract PDF
Christina E. Carter 140-142
New, Old, Indifferent: The United Kingdom’s Preferences Regarding the Architecture and Design of Public Libraries Abstract PDF
Annie Hughes 143-145
Ovid MEDLINE Instruction can be Evaluated Using a Validated Search Assessment Tool Abstract PDF
Giovanna Badia 146-148
Study of Limited Value in Exploring Irish Hospital Clinicians’ Information Behaviour and Attitudes Towards the Clinical Informationist Abstract PDF
Maria C. Melssen 149-151
Point-of-Care Healthcare Databases Are an Overall Asset to Clinicians, but Different Databases May Vary in Usefulness Based on Personal Preferences Abstract Untitled () PDF
Carol D. Howe 152-154
Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics Faculty Have Information Needs Similar to Basic and Medical Sciences Faculty – Online Access to Electronic Journals, PubMed/Medline, and Google Abstract PDF
Mê-Linh Lê 155-157
Assessing Vocational Development in Prospective School Librarians Abstract PDF
Gayle Bogel 158-160

Using Evidence in Practice

Problem Based Learning and Evidence Based Medicine: Utilizing the Librarian Abstract PDF
Trina M. Fyfe, Geoffrey W. Payne 161-168


Salton and Buckley’s Landmark Research in Experimental Text Information Retrieval Abstract PDF
Christine F. Marton 169-176

EBL 101

Research Methods: Content Analysis Abstract PDF
Virginia Wilson 177-179


Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Network Abstract PDF

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