Vol 6, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


What is Evidence? Abstract PDF
Denise Koufogiannakis 1-3
Editorial Responsibilities Abstract PDF
. . 4


Science Information Literacy Tutorials and Pedagogy Abstract PDF
Ping Li 5-18
A Survey of Primary School Libraries to Determine the Availability and Adequacy of Services for Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Oyo State, Nigeria Abstract PDF
Belau Olatunde Gbadamosi 19-33

Evidence Summaries

Lack of Annual Reports Make it Difficult to Analyze Library Strategic Credibility Abstract PDF
Kirsty Thomson 34-35
Users of Virtual Reference Are More Satisfied with the Service They Receive than the Providers of that Service Think They Are Abstract PDF
Carol D. Howe 36-38
Residents and Medical Students Correctly Answer Clinical Questions More Often with Google and UpToDate than With PubMed or Ovid MEDLINE Abstract PDF
Theresa Arndt 39-41
Perceptions from Library School Faculty on Meaningful Matters to Academic Librarians: Additional Degrees, Sabbaticals, Evaluation, and Governance Abstract Untitled () PDF
Kristen Young 42-44
Indigenous Traditional Medical Practitioners’ Lack of Formal Medical Education Impacts their Choices of Information Resources for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia Abstract PDF
Maria Melssen 45-47
Undergraduate Science Students are Uncertain of How to Find Facts in E-books Compared to Print Books Abstract PDF
Christina E. Carter 48-50
PubMed is Slightly More Sensitive but More Time Intensive to Search than Ovid MEDLINE Abstract PDF
Cari Merkley 51-54
Translation of Hedges in Medical Databases to Other Platforms’ Syntax May Cause Significantly Different Search Results Abstract PDF
Heather Ganshorn 55-58
Investigation of Factors Affecting Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes Fails to Undercover Significant Findings Abstract PDF
Jason Martin 59-60
The Library as a Preferred Place for Studying: Observation of Students’ Use of Physical Spaces Abstract PDF
Annie M. Hughes 61-63
Public Librarians with the Highest Retention Rate are More Likely to Choose their Entire Career Path in Public Libraries Abstract PDF
Nazi Torabi 64-68
Field Experiences Provide Value for Library Students, but More Research Is Needed into Their Administration Abstract PDF
Ann Medaille 69-71
Higher Education Librarians Are Comfortable and Confident With their Teaching Responsibilities and Pedagogical Knowledge Abstract PDF
Mê-Linh Lê 72-74


Formulating the Evidence Based Practice Question: A Review of the Frameworks Abstract PDF
Karen Sue Davies 75-80

Using Evidence in Practice

Point of Need Reference Service Abstract PDF
Kealin M. McCabe, Willow E. Fuchs 81-84

EBL 101

A New Path: Research Methods Abstract PDF
Virginia Wilson 85-87


Ken Ladd receives 2011 Robert H. Blackburn Distinguished Paper Award Abstract PDF
. . 88-89
Call for Papers: Special Issue of Library and Information Research Abstract PDF
. . 90-91

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