Vol 4, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Showing Value PDF
Denise Koufogiannakis 1-2
Editorial Responsibilities PDF


Weaving Evidence, Reflection, and Action into the Fabric of School Librarianship Abstract PDF
Carol A. Gordon, Ross J. Todd 4-7
Creation of a Research Community in a K-12 School System Using Action Research and Evidence Based Practice Abstract PDF
Susan D. Ballard, Gail March, Jean K. Sand 8-36
School Library Media Specialist Collaboration with Special Education Personnel in Support of Student Learning Abstract PDF
Lesley S. J. Farmer 37-55
An Emerging Theory for Evidence Based Information Literacy Instruction in School Libraries, Part 1: Building a Foundation Abstract PDF
Carol A. Gordon 56-77
School Librarianship and Evidence Based Practice: Progress, Perspectives, and Challenges Abstract PDF
Ross J. Todd 78-96
Librarian-Teacher Partnerships for Inquiry Learning: Measures of Effectiveness for a Practice-Based Model of Professional Development Abstract PDF
Joyce Yukawa, Violet H. Harada 97-119


Understanding the Information Research Process of Experienced Online Information Researchers to Inform Development of a Scholars Portal Abstract PDF PDF
Martha Whitehead, Terry Costantino 120-132
Study in Grey and White: Measuring the Impact of the 8Rs Canadian Library Human Resources Study Abstract PDF
Allison Sivak 133-142

Evidence Summaries

Staffing an Academic Reference Desk with Librarians is not Cost-effective Abstract PDF
Cari Merkley 143-147
A Librarian Consultation Service Improves Decision-Making and Saves Time for Primary Care Practitioners Abstract PDF
Heather Ganshorn 148-151
Libraries Demonstrate Low Adherence to Virtual Reference Service Guidelines Abstract PDF
Elise Cogo 152-154
E-mailed Evidence Based Summaries Impact Physician Learning More than Practice Abstract PDF
Gale Hannigan 155-157
Information Professional Job Advertisements in the U.K. Indicate Professional Experience is the Most Required Skill Abstract PDF
Stephanie J. Schulte 158-160
Topic-specific Infobuttons Reduce Search Time but their Clinical Impact is Unclear Abstract PDF
Shandra Protzko 161-163
Citations to Conference Papers Indicate They Are Declining in Importance across All Discipline Areas Abstract PDF
Gaby Haddow 164-167
The Actions of Teacher-Librarians Minimize or Reinforce Barriers to Adolescent Information Seeking Abstract PDF
Julie McKenna 168-171
Study Fails to Link ILL Usage Patterns to Liaison Activities Abstract PDF
Scott Marsalis 172-173
Clinical Informatics Consult Service Positively Affects Some Clinical Decisions in the ICU Abstract PDF
Jennifer Kelson 174-177


Evidence-Based Practice: Evolution or Revolution? Abstract PDF
David V. Loertscher 178-181

EBL 101

Looking to the Literature: Domains to Help Determine Where to Look PDF
Virginia Wilson 182-184


2009 Special Libraries Association Research Grants Focus on Evidence Based Practice PDF

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