Vol 8, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


Barriers to Research and Evidence Abstract HTML PDF
Alison Brettle 1-2
Editorial Responsibilities HTML PDF
. . 3


Current Themes in Academic Library Assessment: Select Papers from the 2010 Library Assessment Conference Abstract HTML PDF
Martha Kyrillidou, Damon Jaggars 4-8
“What’s So Special about Special Collections?” Or, Assessing the Value Special Collections Bring to Academic Libraries Abstract HTML PDF
Christian Dupont, Elizabeth Yakel 9-21
Striving for Excellence: Organizational Climate Matters Abstract HTML PDF
Shelley Phipps, Brinley Franklin, Shikha Sharma 22-35
ClimateQUAL® and Thinklets: Using ClimateQUAL® with Group Support Systems to Facilitate Discussion and Set Priorities for Organizational Change at Criss Library Abstract HTML PDF
Audrey DeFrank, Nora Hillyer 36-47
After the Data: Taking Action on ClimateQUAL® Results Abstract HTML PDF
Elizabeth Mengel, Judith Smith, Elizabeth Uzelac 48-59
Marketing and Assessment in Academic Libraries: A Marriage of Convenience or True Love? Abstract HTML PDF
Lynne Porat 60-67
LibQUAL+® and the Information Commons Initiative at Buffalo State College: 2003 to 2009 Abstract HTML PDF
Eugene J. Harvey, Maureen Lindstrom 68-84
Longitudinal Assessment of “User-Driven” Library Commons Spaces Abstract HTML PDF
Robert Fox, Ameet Doshi 85-95
Coding Practices for LibQUAL+® Open-Ended Comments Abstract HTML PDF
Karen Neurohr, Eric Ackermann, Daniel P. O'Mahony, Lynda S. White 96-113
Still Bound for Disappointment? Another Look at Faculty and Library Journal Collections Abstract HTML PDF
Jennifer Rutner, James Self 114-128
Analyzing the MISO Data: Broader Perspectives on Library and Computing Trends Abstract HTML PDF
Laurie Allen, Neal Baker, Josh Wilson, Kevin Creamer, David Consiglio 129-138
Value of Libraries: Relationships Between Provision, Usage, and Research Outcomes Abstract HTML PDF
Michael Jubb, Ian Rowlands, David Nicholas 139-152
Linking Information Seeking Patterns with Purpose, Use, Value, and Return On Investment of Academic Library Journals Abstract HTML PDF
Donald W. King, Carol Tenopir 153-162
Measuring the Value of Library Resources and Student Academic Performance through Relational Datasets Abstract HTML PDF
Margie Jantti, Brian Cox 163-171
Business Intelligence Infrastructure for Academic Libraries Abstract HTML PDF
Joe Zucca 172-182
Building Scorecards in Academic Research Libraries: Performance Measurement and Organizational Issues Abstract HTML PDF
Vivian Lewis, Steve Hiller, Elizabeth Mengel, Donna Tolson 183-199


“Ask, Acquire, Appraise”: A Study of LIS Practitioners Participating in an EBLIP Continuing Education Course Abstract HTML PDF
Anthea Sutton, Andrew Booth, Pippa Evans 200-213
A Citation Analysis of the Classical Philology Literature: Implications for Collection Development Abstract HTML PDF
Gregory A. Crawford 214-224
Data-Driven Decision Making: An Holistic Approach to Assessment in Special Collections Repositories Abstract HTML PDF
Melanie Griffin, Barbara Lewis, Mark I. Greenberg 225-238

Evidence Summaries

Quality of Student Paper Sources Improves after Individual Consultation with Librarians Abstract HTML PDF
Laura Newton Miller 239-241
Faculty Knowledge of Information Literacy Standards Has an Impact in the Classroom Abstract HTML PDF
Giovanna Badia 242-244
Academic Librarians Would Benefit from Instruction on Conducting Research Abstract HTML PDF
Annie M. Hughes 245-247
There is a Lack of Standardization in the Collection Development and Circulation Policies of Prison Library Services Abstract HTML PDF
Michelle Dalton 248-250
Survey of the Information-Seeking Behaviour of Hospital Professionals at a Public Cancer Hospital in Greece Proves the Value of Hospital Libraries Abstract HTML PDF
Antonio DeRosa 251-253
For Non-expert Clinical Searches, Google Scholar Results are Older with Higher Impact while PubMed Results Offer More Breadth Abstract HTML PDF
Carol Perryman 254-257
The Launch of a Joint Library/Writing Centre Online Course on Academic Integrity Abstract HTML PDF
Cari Merkley 258-260
PubMed Central: An Essential Resource for Information Professionals and Researchers Abstract HTML PDF
Joanne L. Jordan 261-263
Exploring the Disconnect Between Information Literacy Skills and Self-Estimates of Ability in First-Year Community College Students Abstract HTML PDF
Heather Coates 264-266
Canadian Healthcare Practitioners’ Access to Evidence Based Information is Inequitable Abstract HTML PDF
Maria Melssen 267-269


Building Evidence of the Value and Impact of Library and Information Services: Methods, Metrics and ROI Abstract HTML PDF
Carol Tenopir 270-274

EBL 101

Research Methods: Mixed Methods Research Abstract HTML PDF
Virginia Wilson 275-277


The 7th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP7) is Just Weeks Away! HTML PDF
. . 278
ACRL ULS Evidence-Based Librarianship Discussion at ALA Annual HTML PDF
. . 279

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