Vol 35, No 4 (2010)

Table of Contents

Relational Activism: Re-imagining Women's Environmental Work as Cultural Change Abstract PDF
Sara O'Shaughnessy, Emily Huddart Kennedy 551-572
Income and Area Effects on Voluntary Association Membership in Canada Abstract PDF
Laura Jane Duncan 573-594
Hunger Hurts but Starving Works: A case study of gendered practices in the online pro-eating-disorder community Abstract PDF
Krista Whitehead 595-626


A Public Health Perspective on HPV Vaccination: Response to The HPV Vaccination Campaign: A Project of Moral Regulation in an Era of Biopolitics Abstract PDF
Liane Macdonald, Shelley Deeks, Carolyn Doyle 627-632

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Norbert Elias, The Loneliness of Dying; Humana Conditio PDF
Arthur Frank 633-635
Alexander Tristan Riley, Godless Intellectuals: The Intellectual Pursuit of the Sacred Reinvented PDF
William Ramp 636-639
Michael Hviid Jacobsen, ed., The Contemporary Goffman PDF
Jim Cosgrave 640-644
W.G. Runciman, The Theory of Cultural and Social Selection PDF
Marion Blute 645-647
Ian Marsh, Suicide: Foucault, History and Truth PDF
Zohreh Bayatrizi 648-651
Sherry B. Ortner, Anthropology and Social Theory: Culture, Power, and the Acting Subject PDF
Mervyn Horgan 652-654
Zachary M. Schrag, Ethical Imperialism: Institutional Review Boards and the Social Sciences, 1965–2009. PDF
Will Carl van den Hoonaard 655-658
Tak Wing Chan, ed., Social Status and Cultural Consumption PDF
John Goyder 659-661
Jack Levinson, Making Life Work: Freedom and Disability in a Community Group Home PDF
Sally Lindsay 662-663
Michel Messu, Les Assistés sociaux; l'Assurance d'assistance PDF
Baptiste Godrie 664-666
Jane B. Sprott and Anthony N. Doob, Justice for Girls? Stability and Change in the Youth Justice Systems. PDF
Raymond Arthur 667-669
Nicolas Carrier, La politique de la stupéfaction. Pérennité de la prohibition des drogues PDF
Pierre Guibentif 670-672
Anthony Synnott, Re-Thinking Men: Heroes, Villains and Victims. PDF
Danielle Soulliere 673-675
Charles T. Adeyanju, Deadly Fever: Racism, Disease and a Media Panic. PDF
Harris Ali 676-678
Alain Faure et Robert Griffith (sous le direction de), La société canadienne en débats: What holds Canada together? PDF
Philippe Couton 679-680
Lara Campbell, Respectable Citizens: Gender, Family and Unemployment in Ontario's Great Depression PDF
Karen D. Hughes 681-683
Dima Adamsky/ Stanford University Press, The Culture of Military Innovation: The Impact of Cultural Factors on the Revolution in Military Affairs in Russia, the US and Israel. PDF
Thomas Crosbie 684-686
Heidi J. Swarts, Organizing Urban America: Secular and Faith-based Progressive Movements PDF
Randolph Brent Haluza-DeLay 687-688
Karl-Dieter Opp, Theories of Political Protest and Social Movements: A Multidisciplinary Introduction, Critique, and Synthesis. PDF
Andreas Hoffbauer, Howard Ramos 689-692

Books Received/Livres réçus

Books Received/Livres réçus PDF
Jim Conley 693-696

ISSN: 1710-1123