Vol 33, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents

Charles Tilly (May 20, 1929 - April 29, 2008) PDF
Robert J. Brym,
Canadian Infanticide Legislation, 1948 and 1955: Reflections on the Medicalization/Autopoiesis Debate Abstract PDF
Kirsten Kathleen Kramar, William Dean Watson
The Complexities of the Automotive Industry: positive and negative feedbacks in production systems Abstract PDF
Dale Spencer, Niki Carlan
The Role of Foreign Credentials and Ethnic Ties in Immigrants’ Economic Performance Abstract PDF
Peter S Li
Cultural Centrality and Information and Communication Technology among Canadian Youth Abstract PDF
Victor Thiessen, Dianne E Looker
The Changing Role of Education in the Marriage Market:Assortative Marriage in Canada and the United States since the 1970s Abstract PDF
Feng Hou, John Myles
The Concept of Truth Regime Abstract PDF
Lorna Weir

Review Essay/Essai bibliographique

Generating Disobedience: Does 21st Century Social Theory Rest on a 1960s Weltanschauung? Review of Alan Sica and Stephen Turner, eds., The Disobedient Generation PDF
William J. Buxton
Integrating Multiple Identities: Multiracials and Asian-Americans in the United States. Review of Kimberly McClain DaCosta, Making Multiracials and Pawan Dhingra, Managing Multicultural Lives PDF
Wendy D. Roth
Anxious Academics: Mission Drift and Sliding Standards in the Modern Canadian University. Review of James Côté and Anton L. Allahar, Ivory Tower Blues and George Fallis, Multiversities, Ideas, and Democracy PDF
Joseph Galbo
Response to "Anxious Academics: Mission Drift and Sliding Standards in the Modern Canadian University" PDF
James Côté, Anton Allahar

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Arnaud Sales and Marcel Fournier, eds., Knowledge, Communication and Creativity PDF
Alistair Duff
Steve Fuller, The Knowledge Book: Key Concepts in Philosophy, Science, and Culture PDF
Anne Mesny
Jon Frauley and Frank Pearce, eds., Critical Realism and the Social Sciences: Heterodox Elaborations PDF
Peter T. Manicas
Stephen L. Morgan and Christopher Winship, Counterfactuals and Causal Inference: Methods and Principles for Social Research PDF
John Fox
Wolfgang Lehmann, Choosing to Labour? School-Work Transitions and Social Class PDF
David B. Bills, Noga Admon
Barbara Arneil, Diverse Communities: The Problem with Social Capital PDF
Irene Bloemraad
Sunera Thobani, Exalted Subjects: Studies in the Making of Race and Nation in Canada PDF
Darryl Leroux
David Valentine, Imagining Transgender: An Ethnography of a Category PDF
Morgan Holmes
Steven Epstein, Inclusion: The Politics of Difference in Medical Research PDF
Shelley Z. Reuter
Sarah Payne, The Health of Men and Women PDF
Rhona Shaw
Ronan Hervouet, Datcha Blues: Existences ordinaires et dictature en Biélorussie PDF
François Dépelteau
Alev Çinar and Thomas Bender, eds.,Urban Imaginaries: Locating the Modern City PDF
John Hannigan
Johanne Sloan, ed., Urban Enigmas: Montreal, Toronto, and the Problem of Comparing Cities PDF
Pierre Filion
Andrew Szasz, Shopping Our Way to Safety: How We Changed from Protecting the Environment to Protecting Ourselves PDF
Josée Johnston
Zygmunt Bauman, Consuming Life PDF
Matt Patterson
David Lyon, Surveillance Studies: An Overview PDF
Randy Lippert
Dwayne R. Winseck and Robert M. Pike, Communication and Empire: Media, Markets, and Globalization, 1860-1930 PDF
Richard Maxwell
Stephen Ellingson, The Megachurch and the Mainline: Remaking Religious Tradition in the Twenty-first Century PDF
Christopher Helland

Books Received/Livres réçus

Books Received PDF
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