Vol 38, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Buzz as an Urban Resource Abstract PDF
Daniel Silver, Terry Nichols Clark 1-32
“Mr S, you do have sexual fantasies?” The Parole Hearing and Treatment of a Sex Offender at the Turn of the 21st Century Abstract PDF
Dany Lacombe 33-64
Can Breastfeeding Solve Inequality? The Relative Moderating Impact of Breastfeeding on Poverty Gaps in Canadian Child Cognitive Skills Abstract PDF
Phyllis L. F. Rippeyoung 65-86

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Peña, Manuel American Mythologies. Semiological Sketches. PDF
Jean-François Côté 90-92
Renwick, Chris, British Sociology’s Lost Biological Roots: A History of Futures Past. PDF
Eric Royal Lybeck 93-96
Glasberg, Elena, Antarctica as Cultural Critique: The Gendered Politics of Scientific Exploration and Climate Change. PDF
Barret Weber 101-103
Mascarenhas, Michael, Where the Waters Divide: Neoliberalism, White Privilege, and Environmental Racism in Canada. PDF
Margot Francis 87-89
Jude McCullough and Sharon Pickering, eds., Borders and Crime: Pre-Crime, Mobility and Serious Harm in an Age of Globalization. PDF
Seantel Anais 104-107
Goodley, Dan, Bill Hughes, and Lennard Davis, eds., Disability and Social Theory: New Developments and Directions. PDF
Jeff Stepnisky 97-100
Trammell, Rebecca, Enforcing the Convict Code: Violence and Prison Culture. PDF
Alicia D Horton 108-111
Manon Tremblay, David Paternotte and Carol Johnson, eds, The Lesbian and Gay Movement and the State: Comparative Insights into a Transformed Relationship. PDF
Gary Kinsman 112-115

Books Received/Livres réçus

Books Received/Livres réçus PDF
Tara Milbrandt 116-120

ISSN: 1710-1123